Custom High Speed Saw Blades and Servicing

R&R Saw Division specializes in custom high speed saw blades and servicing, and is proud to offer emergency and same-day sharpening. We work with single-man job shops, OEM suppliers, and high-volume CNC cutting shops, and adhere to a range of industry standards to guarantee the quality of our service. Tube Fabrication Industries, Inc. works with several different saw materials, including HSS DM05 metal cutting blades, solid carbide blades, and carbide tipped blades. To learn more about our services and inquire about saw specifications, please contact Tube Fabrication Industries, Inc. today.

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Custom High Speed Saw Blades
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Non-Ferrous Blades
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Solid Carbide Blades
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Custom High Speed Saw Blades and Servicing Specifications

Saw Materials and Specifications
High Speed Steel Saw Blades DMo5 for Ferrous Cutting
Diameter: 160mm - 500mm
Kerf : 1.6mm - 4mm
Arbor: 32mm, 38mm, 40mm & 50mm
Standard Pin Drives:
  • 32mm arbor - 2-8-45+2-11-63+4-9-50
  • 40mm arbor - 2-8-55+4-12-64
  • 50mm arbor - 4-15-80
With Cobalt is available.

High Speed Steel Saw Blades DMo5 for Non-Ferrous Cutting
Diameter: 127mm - 350mm
Kerf: 1mm-2.5mm
Arbor: 15.87mm, 25.4mm
Solid Carbide Saw Blades
Premium Micro-grain solid carbide polished
Diameter: 1"-8"
Width & Arbor size is variable.
Offered with or without Keyways

PVD Coatings to Increase Blade Life and Production
Standard Black Oxide -Steam Treated
TIN - Titanium Nitride
TICN - Titanium Carbonitride
TIALN - Titanium Aluminum Nitride
Chromium Coatings
Production Volume
1 to 75 units per day
High Volume
Large Run
Large Scale Production Volume Run
Long Run
Low Volume
Small Run
Specialty Production Shop
Tier 2 and 3 OEM supplier
Typical Lead Times Available 1 to 3 days
Industry Focus
High Volume OEM Suppliers
High Volume CNC Cutting Shops

Single Man Job Shops

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